Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rock Vegas Update June 29 2012

Is there an aquapark in your Vegas City? If no – you can build it during this weekend! We offer you to buy the wonderful Whirlwind – it’s a funny waterslide, imagine how kids and their parents slide down into water with laughter! Your gift code is waiting for you in our facebook community and on Twitter.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rock Vegas Chips Cheat

The beauty of this game is that there is a sub-game in it.

You can play with the slot machine at the lower right corner of your game. You initially start with a few coins, then when you log-in everyday, you get to have more. Make sure to connect with Facebook and Twitter because this will give you more coins!

Do you know any more Rock Vegas Chips cheat? Share in the comment section below!

Drop your Rock Vegas Friend Codes here

Having more friends in Rock Vegas game is more advantageous to everyone!

- get friendship clovers
- get gold coins and bonuses
- give and receive gifts
- more awards to achieve with friends

So drop your friend codes in the comment section below!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get More Gold Coins for Rock Vegas Cheats

When playing Rock Vegas, you need gold coins to buy special and luxurious items.

A few ways to grab Rock Vegas Gold Coins:

1. Buy Gold Coins with real money.

66 Golden Coins$9.99
24 Golden Coins$3.99
144 Golden Coins$19.99
100,000 Dollars$3.99
270,000 Dollars$9.99
390 Golden Coins$49.99
600,000 Dollars$19.99
960 Golden Coins$99.99
1,600,000 Dollars$49.99
630 Golden Coins$74.99

I know right... people actually do buy this in-app purchases on iTunes @_@
but if you want to be challenged without buying, here's more

2.  Check out Rock Vegas' Game blog
You can find it on the lower right hand of the game.  They announce contests and special promos that would let you earn gold coins, money or chips!

3. Connect to Twitter, Facebook and enter your email in your Social profile.
Each social media will give you 5 gold coins in an instant for a total of 15 coins! :)

4.  Build Cleopatra restaurant and Ceasars Palace Restaurant.
They will give you 1 and 2 (respectively) golden coins eventually

5. Always check floating barrels by the water.
Sometimes, it contains either play money or gold coins

6. Share your friend code to friends. If each of them enters your friend code, you both get 1 gold coin each (plus a bonus)

7. Achieve the award "Kind-hearted" and befriend 25 players. this will give you 1500 XP, 5,000 money and 1 gold coin!

8. Achieve the award "Lord of excitement" and you get 3 coins

Enjoy and if you do know more ways to get more gold coins for rock vegas game.  Please leave a comment below.

Rock Vegas Friends

Having friends will help you achieve success in the game faster.

You can visit other players, give and receive presents, help your friends and even hunt  for treasure when visiting them!

Drop your Rock Vegas names and / or your friend code below and make friends!

Alternatively, you can check out this link to add friends :)

Gold Coins Cheats and Tips on Rock Vegas iPad

There are no cheats available for this game yet, but here are tips on how to maximize your Rock Vegas gold collection.

Make sure to build the Cleopatra Restaurant and the Ceasars Palace Hotel as soon as possible.

The Cleopatra Restaurant will give you 1 gold coins in 23 hours initially, but if you upgrade it to level 5, you can collect it every 18 hours. The bad news is, you can only build 1 Cleopatra Restaurant for your city.

The Ceasar's Palace will give you 2 gold coins in 42 hours, but the time to collect the 2 coin goldswill go down once you upgrade the facility.

Of course, this game was designed in such a way that gamers addicted to this game buy game gold coins with real money, real dollars. That's the reason why they didn't leak any cheats at all because the developers are earning a lot of from selling gold coins online to speed up the development of your city. That is why even if they distributed this game application in the app store, they still earn a lot from it.  Brilliant eh?  But unlike Paradise Island Exotic, this game gives more rewards and you progress faster.

What players love about this game is that it is very addictive. And many who are playing this also survived even without buying piastres with real money.

But, if you are impatient, then by all means... go ahead :P

Tips on Upgrading Facilities on Rock the Vegas

When updating facilities of Rock the Vegas for iPad or iPhone, collect money first. When you update a facility and you are still earning on a facility, you will lose the money you have been saving. For example, you have accumulated $2000 / $4000 for one facility but you can't collect it yet, then you upgraded... the $2000 will be lost just like that.

Therefore, when upgrading facilities on Rock Vegas, make sure to collect the money first that way it's $0 / $4000 so that you won't lose money.

Rock The Vegas Basic Info

Rock the Vegas developed by By Game Insight, LLC

Rock the Vegas is a fascinating symbiosis of tycoon, city builder, gambling and social game. Users build not just a simple city, but a real Las Vegas prototype. That’s why the city is alive not only at day but also at night, which is the main time Vegas is active: casinos are flashing with bright lights, cars are rushing through the dark roads. Build Vegas your way with the atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun in the air, unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos! Try your luck and win a jackpot! Visit your friends, vote for the best city, help each other and send gifts.

Challenge your friends with achievements - be the best in Rocking the Vegas!

Game tasks:
- build your own Vegas in the middle of the desert;
- improve your buildings and gain profit;
- build more casinos to attract tourists;
- try gambling yourself and win a jackpot;
- expand your property;
- visit your friends, vote for their cities and send gifts to each other;
- compete with your friends: be on top in different ratings;

Game Features:
- Take a desert and build a real Vegas
- Atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun
- Unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos
- Switch between daylight and night - alluring flashing neon
- Gamble and try winning a jackpot
- Visit your friends, help them out and send gifts to each other
- Challenge your friends with achievements - be the best in Rocking the Vegas

Rock The Vegas Cheats Blog

Welcome to the blog dedicated to the Rock The Vegas iPad game fans!

I am a player of this game myself and I was trying to find cheats online but couldn't find any.  It is similar to Paradise Island: Exotic game for iPad and iPhones but I think that Rock Vegas is much better.  Progress is faster as there are more rewards and awards compared to Paradise Island Exotic.  Rock Vegas is also more social than Paradise Island and it links to your Facebook and Twitter too.

You will be able to meet friends and other gamers, check out their city and give gifts to them.  You can even post something on their wall.  How about that? :)

Best of all - it's free!  But just like Paradise Island Exotic, you need to pay for gold coins (piastres in Paradise Island) for you to build special or luxurious items.

Like I did with Paradise Island exotic.  I hope to also gather cheats, walk-throughs and tips and tricks from gamers like me.

I will post everything I know about the game and I hope you will help me and others in finishing this game too!

To awards and gold coins!